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Migration from v1.32 to v1.5 (Skinners)

Attention: Translation is now done by the plugin itself, so you don't need to label the controls.
  1. Rename infoservice.xml to infoservice.feeds.xml
  2. Open infoservice.feeds.xml
    1. Change #infoservice.feed.selectedtitle to #infoservice.feed.selected.title
    2. Change #infoservice.feed.itemimg to #infoservice.feed.selected.itemimg
  3. Copy infoservice.feeds.xml into the same folder and change name to infoservice.twitter.xml
  4. Open infoservice.twitter.xml and change the window id to 16003
  5. Now you have a template for the twitter screen. It's nearly the same as the feed screen.
  6. Make your desired changes to the skin file. Take a look at How to use (Skinners)

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