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Report a issue / Send a feature suggestion

Report a issue

If you have a problem with InfoService please always upload some log file. Without it's hard to debug.

Enable the debug option:

It's really important for me to see all the debug messages in the log. Without those messages i can't do much to fix that bug. So you need to enable the debug option.
To do that:
  1. Open the MediaPortal configuration
  2. Goto plugins view
  3. Open InfoService configuration
  4. Press on "Advanced configuration"
  5. Enabled the debug checkbox

For more informations about that, look into the Advanced configuration manual.

Now if you have the infoservice.log and mediaportal.log and error.log you can post that in the Issue Tracker or post a reply in the InfoService thread.
If you have a account or you want create a account, please use the Issue Tracker to report bugs. This makes it easier for me :)

Send a feature suggestion

Just send me an email or reply on the InfoService thread in the MediaPortal forum.

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