Support for local RSS files + more


Some other plugins could use InfoService ticker functionality and create local RSS files for users to add them as new feed in configuration. Currently, only online feeds are supported..
The functionality could be extended by custom GUI messages for the ticker addons:
GUIMessage msg = new GUIMessage(GUIMessage.MessageType.GUI_MSG_USER, 16000, SenderID, 0, 0, 0, { "SenderNAME", "feed image", "item title 1", "item title 2", ..., "item title N"} )
After receiving the messages, and internally stacking them, on the next update the items should be added to the ticker (maybe even as a whole feed). Not sure about this design yet, have to think more about it. If we do support it, perhaps the item description should be also added (not just item titles).
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